The Mission of Cross Cultural Family Center, Inc. is to provide child care services in cross cultural settings. It includes a commitment to high quality, community based, and developmentally appropriate early care and education services. It further includes recognition of the significant role of family and community in promoting positive development of young children. Our goal is to maximize the positive potential of the diversity among our children, their families, our staff, and the communities in which we live.




The Cross Cultural Family Center (CCFC) was established in 1969 to continue the efforts of a demonstration project called Nurseries in Cross Cultural Education. The nursery schools provided an opportunity for a diverse group of families to join together and work cooperatively in addressing the developmental and educational needs of their children. When funds for this five-year project ended, the families and staff wished to continue their involvement in such a program, and so Cross Cultural Family Center was created.

The agency has continued to provide an opportunity for families of differing cultural backgrounds to join together and work cooperatively to address the developmental and educational needs of young children. Today, CCFC serves over 350 families in eleven child care centers throughout San Francisco. We continue to foster safe and healthy community environments for children and their families. All families are welcome in our programs, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, or disability.




We Believe . . .

  • Children have the right to be cared for in environments that are safe, nurturing, and engaging;
  • Children have the right to learning experiences that reflect and promote their ethnic heritage, cultural values, family structure, and home language;
  • Children have the right to be cared for by well prepared professionals who work in partnership with their families, and who are nurturing, loving, and authentic.

"Cross-cultural education is designed to uplift children, to give them imagination, and to help them experience diversity on a very basic level. The child will first learn to value himself [or herself]; then to value others; then to value humanity."
~ Mary Lane, Ed.D., Founding Director



Board of Directors

The Cross Cultural Family Center is governed by a Board of Directors that is responsible for setting policies, program goals, and planning for the future. The Board also oversees the annual budget and works to raise funds to operate our programs.

Current Board Members
Janet Stafford, MD
Cynthia Fong
Aida Lane
Laurinda Quong
Rita Franklin
Patricia Montague

Executive Director
Fonda Davidson




All members of the CCFC teaching staff have studied early childhood education, and are certified through the Child Development Permit Program of the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing. They are a diverse group of educators, dedicated to the early childhood education profession and to the wellbeing of young children. Through career development programs, CCFC continues to foster highly qualified teaching teams at each of our centers.

Administration and Management
Program Administration Manager: Heidi McLaughlin
Operations Manager - Visitacion Valley Centers: Nakita Chow
Program Compliance Manager: Frank Toy
Program Development Specialist: Caroline Bankhead
Infant & Toddler Services Manager: Pamela Weatheroy
Support Services Coordinator: Sandra Gibson
Administrative Associate/Food Program Coordinator: Kali Polk-Matthews
Personnel and Business Services Manager: Carmen Ho
Fiscal Services Manager: Patricia Ahazie
Facilities and Maintenance Manager: Randy Tanksley
Executive Director: Fonda Davidson




Cross Cultural Family Center receives funds from the California Department of Education, Early Education and Support Division and from the City and County of San Francisco: Department of Human Services, Office of Early Care and Education and C-Wages programs; Department of Children, Youth and Their Families; the San Francisco First 5 Preschool for All Program; and the Mayor’s Office of Community Development and Housing. Further support is provided through the Low Income Investment Fund-Child Care Facilities Fund, along with grants from organizations, such as the Mimi and Peter Haas Fund and the San Francisco Foundation.